The Orange Line

by Wullae Wright

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'Indie Rock Album of the Year 2014' - New Lease Music Blog

"The Orange Line has wiped the floor with all other albums released in 2013" Best Album of 2013 - Lee Fereday, Music Reviewer

One of the 'Best Albums of 2013' - The Online Festival, Music Website

'UFO' #2 'Best Songs of 2013' - Larry Lootsteen, Music Reviewer

'UFO' 'Best Artists/Bands of 2013' - Malcolm Parry, Music Reviewer

The Orange Line was recorded between February 2012 to August 2013. It is an Acoustic/Indie/Rock album made up of 13 self-produced and recorded songs. The theme behind the album is escapism and a journey. Much of the subject matter running through the album covers this theme.

Reviews of the album:

"His new album. Like nothing out there. Totally unique" - Stuart Carroll, Musician

"...a masterpiece" - Square Pig, Music Website

"one of this years [2013] best albums, his 5th offering 'The Orange Line '" - Scottlish Sounds Music Blog

"Timeless piece of work" - Lee Fereday, Music Reviewer

"Breathtaking, unique, powerful & moving" - Mad Ferret Music Blog

"It's a triumph" - Ambrose Chappel, Musician/Producer

" this album of Wullae Wright it's bloody good!" - Macaroni Penguin, Record Label

"A beautiful record" - Rock Britain Music Blog

"rewarding listening experience" - Carpe Carmina Music Blog

"The album is just superb" - Joan M Taylor, Radio DJ

"The Orange Line pushes the boundaries of indie rock to the absolute limit, making it a very intriguing listening." - New Lease Music Blog

"Overall Wullae created an unique album that needs to be heard." - House in the Sand Music Blog

"A superb album" - Music Vs the World Music Blog

"Tiptop music for the price of a pint and a packet of peanuts" - The Vinegar Tits, Musician

"...Wrights vocals and musical composition that he becomes a completely irresistible listen..." - The FML Blog, Music Reviewer

Read The FML Blog full preview review of the album here:

"All the songs on The Orange Line were written between 1999 and 2002. They were forgotten songs for nearly a decade, and then one day in 2012 I thought about recording them. I had the idea that if this were to be my last album, I'd finish were I started. Recording the music and getting to know the songs has been a journey in itself." - Me

My interview with Nataliez World. Read the full interview here:

All music written by Wullae Wright and Stuart Carroll. All lyrics written by Wullae Wright. All music produced, arranged and edited by Wullae Wright. All guitar, bass, violin and vocals (except guitar solo in 'Stand Alone') by Wullae Wright. Drums and strings supplied by Stuart Carroll, arranged and edited by Wullae Wright.

Guitar solo in track 'Stand Alone' recorded and performed by Stuart Carroll, edited and produced in the song by Wullae Wright.

All artwork and design by Wullae Wright.


released August 20, 2013



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